Hello world!

Hi and welcome to my world. I thought I would give you an insight into my home city before carrying on.

The header image was taken in my home town of Sydney (in case there is anyone in the world who can’t identify the sails of the opera house and the bridge), when the two largest liners in the world came to visit at the same time. The Queen Mary II and the Queen Elisabeth II are too big to go under the Harbour Bridge, and the QMII is too large to berth at the international passenger terminal and is therefore berthed at the naval depot.

On the left of the photo, you can see the Opera House sails and the CBD dwarfed by the QMII, and on the right, the North Sydney CBD is hidden by the bulk of the liner.

In the centre is Denison Island with a water cannon shooting off behind it.

The day was not the best to show off these two beauties, but they were given a royal welcome in any case.

Sydney is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, and the iconic Harbour Bridge is the site of the most spectacular New Years Eve displays.

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