Heart of Darkness 1

Well, leg one of the journey to visit our long lost cousins, is successfully complete.
We enjoyed an eventless flight to Jakarta, which is always the best kind of flight don’t you think? We both agreed airline food is much maligned as we hoed into our chicken and vegetables and cous cous.
9 hours passed relatively quickly with inflight entertainment and kindle books. Christine fell asleep minutes after we took off, rousing from time to time to enjoy the splendour of the red centre as we flew over it – water water everywhere! A most amazing sight to see water courses and lakes where there are usually only red dust dunes..
We arrived at Jakarta airport to go straight through to the baggage hall – no queuing at immigration, because immigration comes to us – in our airline seat! Three hours after we took off, a couple of trolleys were wheeled down the plane and I kid you not, two immigration people checked passports, visas and declarations and we were processed!!!
In fact we came out so quickly we even bounded past our pick-up…
I felt like one of the competitors of the Amazing Race or whatever it’s called – back pack and running shoes on, trying to get clues about money changing and where we would find the guy who was to get us transferred to the hotel. So we were in and out of terminals under the instructions of a variety of people until eventually one of the security guards allowed us back in to the arrivals area and we managed to quiz some hotel limo guys who pointed us in the right (or rather left) direction and we found our guy, who was definitely wearing a very yellow uniform, but not the yellow had we had been advised to expect.
All is good now – hotel is great, shower even better. We were shown into a room with a ginormous king-sized bed at first; they obviously didn’t follow our request for two singles. But soon enough we were transferred into a new room, so all is well – Christine and I won’t have to worry about thrashing about in bed, or inadvertently cuddling each other in a forgetful moment…
It’s 30deg C and I even had a cool shower…
My overall impression of our first landing place is polite, friendly and helpful. Sleep, perchance to dream of red-heads until an early start tomorrow…


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