Top 10 Hong Kong

Well, there aren’t really 10, as far as I am concerned…

My top 1, was a performance of Cavalia, Cirque de Soleil on four legs, but that really wasn’t a HK attraction as such. But that was enough for me. To see 40-odd horses on stage with acrobats, dancers, flyers etc was magic. Even more magic was when the horses were at liberty, cantering around the stage, with the occasional performer nipping on the rump of the horse in front, and getting a double barrel kick of the heels in response. They were clearly at liberty, because occasionally one horse didn’t want to stay in line, and took a few liberties before falling in with the others again. Great fun. The finale included 200,00 litres of water infiltrating the stage, and horses splashing the front row as they rampaged through.

Glad I didn’t go for the cheap seats.

Just in case I didn’t get enough of horses, my first day in HK was spent at the racehorse retirement villa, the place owned by the HK Jockey Club on the Chinese mainland. Here the horses are allowed to live out their lives, but in stalls. Funny enough, even the horses live in highrise – there are two levels of stalls. They have a nice view, and there are some paddocks that they use to spell the horses, but that’s it.

The set up is great for humans, though. Beautiful villas to relax in, livery provided, with lessons in one of multiple arenas, including one under cover, jumps, Xcountry, whatever your pleasure.

This is where the Beijing Olympic Equestrian Events were held. For some reason I am not clear on, had the international horses landed in Beijing, they wouldn’t have been able to leave again. So the HKJC provided the venue for all the horse events. Go figure

Principal things to do in HK:

Stay in the smallest hotel room in the world – we were offered an upgrade on the room we booked. Fortunate, since the original booking was for a room about the size of our bathroom (the upstairs one fortunately). Our upgrade left us with a room that managed to fit a kitchenette completewith washing machine, the smallest hotel bed I have ever seen, and a bathroom aboout the size of the previous room. If you’re used to a king size bed, sleeping in one that only fits us if we’re contiguous with each other is a challenge. Plus with effectively only one side of the bed, a trip to the bathroom at night became an obstacle course.

When on my side of the bed, I could look straight out of the window at the Mcdonalds over the road. Heck, I could have rolled into it!

Visit Temple Street night markets. I you want to feast your eyes on all the cheap chinese tack and neon you can handle, this is the place. Stop for a meal at one of the corner restaurants; try the fried oysters, Werner. Yum, 30% oyster, 70% batter. I kept to the safe option; chicken in ginger. Well, that’s what it said – what came was something that had been boiled, fortunatley sans feet, but in the usual chinese fashion of a half chicken chopped into pieces, bones and all. I managed to negotiate my way round the skin and rather yellowish fatty bits; the rice helped too.

Man Mo Temple tucked in between skyscrapers, this temple used to be the place where the chinese and the brits made agreements. Ever distrustful of each other, it appears that the temple provided some assurance of honour. There are still worshippers to be seen, though if you have sensitive eyes, you may find the smoke from the thousand incense cones suspended from the ceiling a bit much…

Watch the ‘son et lumiere’ from East Tsim Tsa Chui, opposite HK island by ferry. Every evening at 8pm, buildings on HK light up and lasers fire off their roofs…. In all honesty – go see Vivid Sydney.

Trolley up to the Peak – choose a good day, because the smog can seriously interfere with your selfies.

And in case you haven’t had enough shopping, there’s a big shopping centre right at the peak. The thing that really amazed me, were the falcons. In the throng of humanity, soaring between the skyscrapers…

In short; if you were to write a book about Hong Kong, you’d have to call it “Eat, Work, Shop”, because that seems to be the principal thing to do here…

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