Charging like a wounded Bull

And that doesn’t refer to the price (for you Aussies out there reading this).

No, this is a real Cape Buffalo, one of the big five for the hunters (SOOOOO LAST CENTURY, if there are any dentists reading this). The Big 5 refers to the hardest to track, and most dangerous animals in the game world of Africa.

Elephant -sure they’re HUGE, but try finding a group of them in a thicket, – good luck with that.

Lion – hard to find in the grass, and extremely protective of their pride. Looks quite tame, huh?

Leopard – hunts at night, uses stealth.

Rhino – in particular the black ones because they are harder to find – now almost extinct. Thanks for that big white hunter.

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Cape Buffalo – let me tell you about them firsthand…

Sweet, Isn’t She?

So there we were in Addo Elephant park, and yee-haa, we spot a couple of pretty chilled characters on the side of the road. They reacted more like cows than their reputations suggested, peacefully chewing the cud as we snapped away. Awesome horns on the bull…. After a while they disappeared into the scrub and we carried on.

Hubby, who was being both driver and spotter, then found a male Buffalo enjoying a mud hole… Wow! So again we snapped away like mad, until our intrepid spotter suggested moving a tiny bit further round the bushes for an unobstructed view. Wow double wow.

Said male then proceeded to enjoy his mud wallow with much huffing and puffing, but no blowing things down. Up and out for a scratch against the adjoining thorn bush, savaging it with his two meter wide horns, back into the wallow.

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And THEN – BAM – he launched himself at our car.

I’m gonna Get You Now

From zero to 100 in no time – only the split second response of foot ramming down on accelerator saved our vehicle and possibly us from being gored. As we raced off, he chased us for a bit, coming within  inches of the car. We didn’t hang about to see if he would calm down. I pity anyone coming in after us – he might have taken out his bad humour on them.

Definitely one of the big five.

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