The Garden Route

Having swapped the four wheel drive and sent our friends off to their return plane, we take a little Honda Jazz and drive off south west towards Cape Town.

The dark clouds are rolling towards us, and the fat drops of rain soon settle into an intermittent but insistent drizzle. I am not too disturbed, though my camera doesn’t get much action because of the grey, gloomy light. If it has to rain, best be when we are driving from A to B, not while we are sightseeing.

Before long we have come into the Western Cape, and hit the Garden Route as it’s called here.

The drive to our first stop at Plettenberg Bay is through mountainous and verdant country. Our first rest break is at Jeffreys Bay, a relatively short drive from PE. Rain and driving have taken their toll on W, so we pull in and look for a nice place for a refresher. The rain is lashing down, and we manage to enter a cafe relatively dry and settle by the window for some lunch. Sweet little place, delicious food, and it’s a joy to be indoors staring at the rain, on my window pane…

Our next stop is the Bloukrans Bridge spanning the dramatic gorge created by the Bloukrans River. We pull into the layby, have a liquid rebalance,

and I duck out into the fat rain drops and try to take some shots. Moody. They obviously love their bridge, because they have a whole wall full of bridge photos – London, Golden Gate – what?? 20140602-IMG_3143-42

Where’s Sydney Harbour?


On our way, I persuade W to take a couple of long cuts to see what’s there, and a circular route takes us down to Nature’s Valley; the weather isn’t conducive to stopping for a good look, but it is enough to see how spectacular the geography here is, and a bit of the humour of the locals.

We pass through Tsitsikamma, where there is a vast range of things to do; game parks, a monkey park, a bird park, zip-lining through the forests, a forestry adventure, and that’s only the inland tours.  Conscious of the tiring nature of driving, I don’t suggest that we stop everywhere, but content myself with watching the scenery zipping by.

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