Kabui Bay, Waigeo Island

From Sapor Kren, we leave the village and take a ‘short-cut’ through Kabui Bay, passing some Bagan fishermen on the way.

20160622-IMG_4581-14These guys come mainly from Sulawesi, and live on board large fishing rafts using lift nets to pick up anchovies in vast quantities for drying on shore and taking back for sale. They are not always popular with the local people because of their rapaciousness, and the fierce tribes from around here have made their objections quite clear, so there are fewer of them than there used to be. Unfortunately, the anchovies are the bottom of the food chain in the seas here, so removing them would make the aquatic populations collapse completely.

Kabui Bay is a bit like Halong Bay without the junks.

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Limestone carst hillocks, mountains and rocks jut straight out of the sea, their sides undercut by waves to form almost mushroom shaped structures. There is no-one else around, and our captain suggest that we take the tenders out for a tour of the bay and meet her on the other side to complete the passage. Needless to say we jump at the opportunity to explore up close and personal. To my regret, it’s an overcast day, so the photos I manage are not fabulous, but none-the-less it’s spectacular. When the outboard is cut, the only sounds are those of the lapping of the waves, and the odd bird singing in the distance. There is no sign of humans at all.

If we think Kabui Bay is wonderful, we will be blown away by Wayag, assures Dr G…. Well, let’s go!

Our captain has assembled various local delicacies to make an offering for the sea gods here – leaves, betel nuts and some white powdered betel. It makes for a vivid display.20160623-IMG_4639-59

For more photos visit photodelmundo

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